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We often rush through life and forget how precious every moment is. We work hard every day to achieve our deepest yearning. All the while, family, business and personal aspirations are often intertwined and competing with one another.

Is the elusive work-life balance ours? Do we continually seek to reach our desires and goals? Will there be any regrets at the end of our life?

Welcome to my blog!

These questions and many more are at the core of our discussion. They are central to our observations, thoughts, ideas and expressions.

Come, let’s talk about it!

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Hi, I’m Fredy. A dadpreneur for 15 years. I became a dad one year before acquiring a small business and have been a dadpreneur ever since. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful children or lovely wife, I enjoy writing about my passion with parenthood, business and living a fulfilling life! Read more

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