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I Just Want To Lie Down

Back in the days of my corporate years, me and a colleague of mine often talked about holidays. These discussions spanned from possible holiday dates and destinations, to all the different food and drink we would enjoy during the trip. We strategised about the best possible ways to capitalise on these holidays. Should we take…

Slow Down, You’ll Get There Faster

Living in a fast lane. Global connectivity. Instant gratification. Billion dollars ideas. We have our goals, ambitions, dreams. We want to … no … we need to get there faster before it is too late. While we still have the strength and drive. There is nothing wrong with big hairy audacious goals. We only live once, so we might as…

My Wife Knows Everything, and So Do I

“So how much does a bundle weigh?” Peter asked. “20kg,” I replied. “That is too heavy!” he said. “Well, your boss said the maximum weight is 25kg, so we are still under.” Peter delivered our products around the city. He was pretty healthy for his age, around 60 at that time. Our warehouse staff, Tom,…

Why Real Goals Are Scary (And Impossible Goals Are Addictive)

“In two years, my business is going to expand nationwide,” I said to Rob, my good friend. “Yeah, and how are you planning to do that?” Rob replied. “Get good customers base, expand the product lines, hire salespersons.” “You think it’s so easy? Your plan does not even sound convincing!” “Well, it’s important to have…


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My life changed after witnessing how crises morphed into opportunities while fortunes turned into nightmares.

We are never in control, yet we are often only a few steps away from a tipping point.

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