Hi, I’m Fredy. A dadpreneur for 15 years. I became a dad one year before acquiring a small business and have been a dadpreneur ever since. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful children or lovely wife, I enjoy writing about my passion in parenthood, business and living a fulfilling life!

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Good day!

My name is Fredy Namdin, a dad of two, husband of one, food enthusiast, entrepreneur, author & personal coach.

Welcome to my blog!

Just a little bit about myself. It was 2008 when me and my wife acquired a mining and industrial supplies business, operating in a niche consumables market in one of Perth’s industrial pockets.

Since then, we have gone through the thick and thin of owning and operating a business. All the while, we were also raising our young family. In fact, my eldest was born just one year before we started our business journey.

Over the years, multiple economic crises and market busts caused a shift in my perspective and to question where I was heading. It prompted me to search for a new path in life.

I felt a calling to work with others facing similar obstacles and challenges. I believe it is through writing and coaching that I can truly fulfil this calling. I am thankful for the opportunity and privilege to help others push through business, work, and life; overcoming their personal ‘beasts’ while living a fulfilling life!