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I Just Want To Lie Down

Back in the days of my corporate years, me and a colleague of mine often talked about holidays. These discussions spanned from possible holiday dates and destinations, to all the different food and drink we would enjoy during the trip. We strategised about the best possible ways to capitalise on these holidays. Should we takeContinue reading “I Just Want To Lie Down”

Why Real Goals Are Scary (And Impossible Goals Are Addictive)

“In two years, my business is going to expand nationwide,” I said to Rob, my good friend. “Yeah, and how are you planning to do that?” Rob replied. “Get good customers base, expand the product lines, hire salespersons.” “You think it’s so easy? Your plan does not even sound convincing!” “Well, it’s important to haveContinue reading “Why Real Goals Are Scary (And Impossible Goals Are Addictive)”


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Hi, I’m Fredy. A dadpreneur for 12 years. I became a dad one year before acquiring a small business and have been a dadpreneur ever since. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful children or lovely wife, I enjoy writing about my passion with parenthood, business and living a fulfilling life!

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